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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Facebook status of Brian :)

I have little time to post here in the blog now but I am active in my facebook and constantly update my status with comments on Brian. I thought I should post them here before I loose them and forget about them. Enjoy the funny comments about my adorable little cheeky boy :) lol

22 March 2011 at about 5pm

    • Brian is a really funny today. He just typed "hujhfdred" amongst all the properly spelled animals like elephant, fish, kangaroo, etc etc on microsoft words and said, "mummy, look see hufferdred!" I asked him what is that and he said, "Nonsense!" I laughed so loud!
      23 minutes ago ·  · 

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        • Elaine Quah HAHAHA he just typed, " uyttyyuiooiiooiiuuhhhhhhhh" and shouted out "youtiyuhey!" Don't ask me what that means. I have NO idea! lol
          19 minutes ago · 

        • Selena Tan He is such an entertaining fella.. U must record all these.. All write it in a diary:)
          15 minutes ago · 

        • Elaine Quah Thanks Selena. I must take the time to copy all my status regarding Brian and post it in his blog. lol. Haven't updated his blog in a long long time. Read my status before this one. Today Brian sure is entertaining. lol
          12 minutes ago · 

      22 March 2011 at about 4.20pm

      So adorable. Right now Brian has lined up all his soft toys and conducting them to sing as I'm playing Scotty's songs on youtube in the background. HAHAHA. So funny :)
      about an hour ago ·  · 

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        • Elaine Quah He is making up lyrics as he tries to follow. lol. I also hear him say, "Sing, Oh yeah!" His soft toys are named Bingo (a dog), Wallie ( a whale), Tigger (from tigger & pooh) Whitey ( a white tiger) Ellie (an elephant), Joy ( a hippopotamus with rose prints) and Bluey ( a blue elephant)
          about an hour ago · 

        • Irene Woo u shld take a video off all his actions...we did that for both joel and joshua and its a good memory.
          58 minutes ago · 

        • Elaine Quah Now we have changed to Christian songs and he is giving out imaginary instruments using my water bottle, key chain, remote control, a stick, etc to each of his soft toys. lol HAHAHA Bingo has the drum, Wallie has a guitar, Tigger has a violin, Whitey has a flute, Ellie has a recorder, Joy has a piano and Bluey has a trumpet :)
          53 minutes ago · 

        • Alex Leow the least, use your digital camera or iphone. It is wonderful memory. I have uploaded mine into facebook for my relatives to view.
          49 minutes ago · 

        • Irene Woo he is talented. you shld continue to encourage him and build his talent. Who knows, he will be well-known....
          38 minutes ago · 

        • Elaine Quah lol thanks Irene and Alex. Unfortunately before I have time to video tape it, he has changed his interest to something else. He was listening to nursery rhymes and Youtube and surfing youtube :P He took over my computer and won't let me use it till now. lol
          35 minutes ago · 

        • Irene Woo seriously, you shld catch him on action...
          29 minutes ago · 

        • Elaine Quah Will try my best to do so next time. I don't have iphone or video cam with me. I've to run to my mom's room for her good camera to film. My phone's camera too small and too low quality :(
          28 minutes ago · 

      21 March 2011

      Brian was doing some colouring just now. My mom told him to finish colouring the leaf before going upstairs. He said, "It's not leaf. It's grass!" Indeed it was giant grass behind the giraffe that he was colouring. Clever Brian :) lol
      19 hours ago ·  · 

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        • Elaine Quah Thanks Aireen :)
          19 hours ago · 

        • Irene Woo Hehe, they r smarter! Joel n Joshua often correct us as well.
          19 hours ago · 

        • Elaine Quah haha ya lor. So funny that he corrected my mom. lol :)
          19 hours ago · 

        • Irene Woo more to come...
          18 hours ago · 

        • Elaine Quah haha ya looking forward to it.....I think :) lol It's adorable when they are young, not so when they grow up! lol
          18 hours ago · 

        • Elaine Quah Thanks for liking this Chee Meng and Mee Mee :)
          7 hours ago · 

        • Elaine Quah fish
          5 hours ago · 

        • Elaine Quah kangaroo
          5 hours ago · 

        • Elaine Quah duck
          5 hours ago · 

        • Elaine Quah dinosaur
          5 hours ago · 

        • Elaine Quah elephants
          5 hours ago · 

        • Elaine Quah Aiyoh, Brian hijacked my FB again. Those animals were typed by him, not me. lol
          5 hours ago · 

          Brian saw a skin specialist today and confirmed that he has eczema :( Doc said there is no real cure for it but he might grow out of it when he gets older. He is also down with cough and cold. Please pray for him.
          March 18 at 11:04pm ·  · 

            • Loretta Strang Praying for him Sweetie... Everything will be ok. :-)
              March 18 at 11:06pm · 

            • Elaine Quah Thanks so much Loretta :)
              March 18 at 11:06pm · 

            • Loretta Strang My pleasure Sweetie. I like having people to pray for, especially the ones that believe in prayer.. :-)
              March 18 at 11:07pm · 

            • Elaine Quah Great to hear that :) You must be a prayer warrior then :) Thanks hun :)
              March 18 at 11:08pm · 

            • Loretta Strang I don't know about being a warrior, but I love praying. :-) xx
              March 18 at 11:11pm · 

            • Elaine Quah That's a great quality to have :) Thanks again!
              March 18 at 11:12pm · 

            • Huck Chong Cheah Not sure if there are some herbal medicine to try. Keep a lookout. Will pray for him.
              March 18 at 11:40pm · 

            • Elaine Quah Thanks HC :) So your gathering wasn't successful tonight, what did you do instead? I just came back from a baby full moon party :)
              March 18 at 11:41pm · 

            • Sue Shiew Is the Moogoo helping?
              March 18 at 11:43pm · 

            • Elaine Quah Yes it is :) Thanks Sue but today Doc gave another 3 different kinds of cream for Brian to use. One for face. One for itchy parts and an anti- biotic cream. Plus I had to purchase another moisturizer cream. Poor Brian has to have so many types of creams on him :(
              March 18 at 11:46pm · 

            • Sue Shiew Hope the cream doc gave are not steroid cream :(
              March 18 at 11:50pm · 

            • Elaine Quah One of them is I think :(
              March 18 at 11:50pm · 

            • Ju Lian Toe Julee: lil julia is the queen of eczema since birth!! I've tried & tested all sort of cream, moisturizer, body low to expensive and abstained her fr cow's milk, eggs, etc but, none is effective. Let me know if u find something works for Brian. Elomet/ Elocon cream (contains steroid) is the only med works well on julia so far.
              Saturday at 12:07am · 

            • Elaine Quah Thanks for your comment Ju Lian :) Ya we can share notes :) Yes, Steroid creams are not so safe but seems to be the most effective. Does your daughter scratch herself like Brian till here bleed, there bleed, everywhere bleed and got boils and pus too?
              Saturday at 12:13am · 

            • Alex Leow No wonder there was a joke why some doctors become skin specialist. One said: "They never really get cured!" (resulting in pernanent income for them). Growing out of it as they get older is wishful thinking. Some would, most wouldn't. My daughter is also having such problems on her scalp. I know that feeling.
              Saturday at 12:28am · 

            • Alex Leow My next hope is to try REAL "Alkaline Water" - so far reputed to have helped lotsa people. Problem is that the initial cost to get the machine is VERY prohibitive! (5 figures) If I can afford the machine, I will offer such water FREE to those who cannot afford.
              Saturday at 12:30am · 

            • Elaine Quah ‎@Alex - your daughter has eczema too? Ya Brian has it on his scalp, hands, face, body, feet, etc :( When you have the Alkaline Water, can give me some? :)
              Saturday at 12:38am · 

            • Vincent Thong 
              Elaine, continue with Alex suggestion. Avoid buying any cream frm pharmacy as it will cause the ecz to get worse, it may go off for a while but come back full blown. Also iam working with a company dealings with Ecz. Dont give him any chick...See More

              Saturday at 1:53am · 

            • Vincent Thong And try to keep a dairy on the food/diet your boy is eating. if there is a flare up, check your dairy on previous day - this will give you a rough idea what to give and what not.
              Saturday at 1:56am · 

            • Vincent Thong ‎@Sue - You dont hope the cream are not steroid. You need to ASK the doctor and do your due diligents. All forms of creams contains steroids. The worse case is doctors gives cancer drugs to ecz patients. Even for children. Some of the drugs gives liver failure. IF the doctor is a good doc, will advice you for a liver checkup monthly. Some doc donmt even bother to tell you.
              Saturday at 2:02am · 

            • Vincent Thong Its is better to go for traditional chinese/indian/homeopathy treatment than to go for modern medicine.
              Saturday at 2:03am · 

            • Vincent Thong ‎@Alex - isit realy a joke ? I dont think so. Do you know that the pharma is telling the doc that there is no known cure and they provide the doc the same medicine.. these are the lies you guys are taking in.. wake up. Its your own children.. its not funny
              Saturday at 2:06am · 

            • Ubaid Dogar hope Brain gets the control of eczema as CONTROL is the only thing we can do at the moment...I know as I suffered BUT thank Gd, it's in control...
              Saturday at 2:46am · 

            • Ubaid Dogar ‎*God
              Saturday at 2:46am · 

            • Yew Lee Ann 
              Eczema is very common. I have it, and gareth has it. He's was prescribed with elomet (steroid ointment) when he was 2 or 3 mths old. Pus etc is cos scratching can lead to infection, hence the antibiotic cream. The best cure is prevention. E...See More

              Saturday at 4:42am · 

            • Sue Shiew 
              The cream I recommended to elaine for Brian does NOT have steroids. It's called Moo goo, a line of all natural product from Australia. My boy used to have very bad eczema as well, some parts of the skin looked like burnt victims coz he scra...See More

              Saturday at 7:49am · 

            • Alex Leow ‎@Vincent: yes. It is a joke published somewhere many years ago. I didn't fully comprehend it until my daughter got it.
              Saturday at 7:54am · 

            • Sue Shiew Read more abt MooGoo here:

              Saturday at 8:06am · 

            • Yew Lee Ann ‎@sue- haha, I use a version of udder cream too- bepanthen, which is mainly marketed for diaper rash (and erm, a certain condition nursing mothers may get). It's my fav for all sorts of minor kiddie (and mommy) skin complaints (and flare up avoidance). Is moogoo pricey?
              Saturday at 8:19am · 

            • Sue Shiew Moo Goo Udder Cream ( which is a basic moisturizer) is RM$39 for 120g before discount. I understand that Caring is doing 15% off. Irritable Skin Balm for eczema is RM$69, also 15% off from Caring.
              Saturday at 8:38am · 

            • Elaine Quah Wow, I was pleasantly surprised to see so many comments on my status this morning. Thanks for all the advices / comments.
              Saturday at 8:55am · 

            • Elaine Quah ‎@Lee Ann - Yes Bepanthen cream is good. Brian used it for his diaper rashed till he was 2 plus. @Sue, the moo goo cream is really good. Brian is still using that. I had to take him see the Doc coz he kept scratching and the wounds got worse
              Saturday at 8:57am · 

            • Elaine Quah ‎@ Vincent - I'm interested in the seminar but have some guest from Australia staying with me at that time. Will there be another seminar another day? Thanks for your advice too :)
              Saturday at 8:58am · 

            • Elaine Quah ‎@Ubaid. Sorry to hear that you suffer from it too. Glad it's under control now :)
              Saturday at 8:59am · 

            • Hui Li Tey 
              Sorry to hear about Brian! Jamie has had it too since birth and we've more or less identified most of the triggers - mainly diet-related. I agree with the combination of what Lee Ann and Ubaid have said: the key is prevention, control and m...See More

              Saturday at 2:41pm · 

            • Hui Li Tey ‎@LA: why is bepanthen 'udder' cream?
              Saturday at 2:42pm · 

            • Hui Li Tey Btw, I have eczema too - it's dormant at the moment. Had it when I was an infant, then it went away and came back when I was in primary school (around std 6) then it went away and came back when I was in secondary school, then it went away for a really long time and came back with a vengeance when I was working! Since then, I have not had a bad flare-up for 6 years. That was the time I was prescribed some short-term steroid meds/cream.
              Saturday at 2:51pm · 

            • Elaine Quah Thanks Hui Li :) Yes once you have it, it never really goes away. It just comes and goes. Esp if you are under stress or not well, that's what the doc said. My dad has it too. I don't have it. I think it skipped a generation and went to Brian :( These types of things comes from the family generation like hypertension, asthma, etc etc :(
              Saturday at 3:39pm · 

            • Hsiao Ley Tung Hope he gets well soon...
              Saturday at 4:04pm · 

            • Elaine Quah Thanks Hsiao Ley :) It was really good seeing your 2 adorable kids last night :)
              Saturday at 4:05pm · 

            • Vincent Thong 
              Yes thats what the western pharma wants you to think that "control" and you will be on their medication for life. Just think that for a moment. Natural products is good but only to an extent. Lots of children's future suffered because of un...See More

              Sunday at 1:40am · 

            • Vincent Thong Just to give you a hint - Ecz is not a topical conditio. Basicaly all creams are useless. Ecz is a immune system disorder cause by T-cell activity. If you dont deal with it the correct way, esp for a child, it will end up "permanent" and hard to deal with during schooling and in adult life.
              Sunday at 1:46am · 

              I saw 2 long drum sticks sticking out from behind Brian's trousers. I went to remove it and he said, "I want wings. I want to be a butterfly!" I removed it anyway and replaced it with a cloth. It looked more like a cape than wings but he was happy :) Then my dad said, "Others want to be superman but you want to be a butterfly?" Brian didn't care and ran around the sofa singing," I'm a butterfly, I'm a butterfly" lol
              March 15 at 6:58pm ·  · 

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                • Elaine Quah Thanks Aldy :)
                  March 15 at 7:11pm · 

                • Elaine Quah Thanks Hsiao Ley :)
                  March 15 at 8:47pm · 

                • Elaine Quah Thanks Sharon :)
                  March 15 at 8:49pm · 

                • Elaine Quah Thanks Chee Meng and Fee :)
                  March 16 at 7:57pm · 

                • Alex Leow Just does the drumsticks create the effect of wings? I thought the cape would be better.
                  March 16 at 8:13pm · 

                • Elaine Quah ‎@Alex - it's his imagination lah. How I know? probably something sticking behind him will be like wings lah since he didn't know how to put the cloth by himself. That's why I changed it for him loh :P
                  March 16 at 9:21pm · 

                • Alex Leow OK. Buy him to kites and fix it there. Sure to work one.
                  March 16 at 9:22pm · 

                • Elaine Quah aiyah moment has gone already. That was yesterday. Today he doesn't want to be a butterfly anymore. lol
                  March 16 at 9:34pm · 

                  Wow, just now when I went into my mom's room, Brian was surfing the net by himself. My mom was taking a shower. He was choosing some Thomas & friends pictures. He also know how to use the Youtube and play children games on the internet :)
                  March 14 at 5:01pm ·  · 

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                    • Michell Chin Youtube is easy to surf. My son also likes it.
                      March 14 at 5:16pm · 

                    • Sue Shiew Careful of allowing Brian to freely surf the net or YouTube. There may be things he may accidently stumble upon. Make sure he has adult supervision.
                      March 14 at 5:31pm ·  ·  1 person

                    • Elaine Quah Thanks Michell and Sue. Yes we usually supervise him. On youtube. he is only allowed to see nursery rhymes or Christian songs. He loves to sing along to Christian songs. As for games, he only play games on playhouse disney or other children channels. :)
                      March 14 at 5:49pm · 

                    • Elaine Quah I had a great time singing and choosing songs with Brian on youtube just now :) One of his fav is "My Jesus, my Saviour" :)
                      March 14 at 5:54pm · 

                    • Sue Shiew ‎:)
                      March 14 at 6:26pm · 

                    • Janet Sagan Wow, he's so technologically advanced! :)
                      March 15 at 5:12am · 

                    • Elaine Quah lol thanks Janet :)
                      March 15 at 9:40am · 

                      As soon as Brian woke up this morning, he said, " Mummy, I am a dinosaur! Raarrrrr!!!!" lol
                      March 14 at 11:41am ·  · 

                        • Elaine Quah I wonder what kind of dream he had last night :P lol
                          March 14 at 11:41am · 

                        • Elaine Quah Thanks Aireen :)
                          March 14 at 11:49am · 

                        • Elaine Quah goldfish
                          March 14 at 12:09pm · 

                        • Elaine Quah fish

                          March 14 at 12:09pm · 

                        • Elaine Quah kangaroo

                          March 14 at 12:10pm · 

                        • Elaine Quah elephant

                          March 14 at 12:11pm · 

                        • Elaine Quah Aaaarrggh, I walked off for awhile and Brian hijacked my FB. Those animals were typed by him and I didn't even know he knew how to click on the comment button by himself :P aiyoh!
                          March 14 at 12:13pm · 

                        • Selena Tan Hahahahahah thts really funny!!
                          March 14 at 12:25pm · 

                        • May Yoke Cheah Hahaha Brian is so clever!
                          March 14 at 12:42pm · 

                        • Elaine Quah Thanks Selena and May Yoke :) Ya he loves spelling and typing all sort of animals. lol
                          March 14 at 12:43pm · 

                        • Sue Shiew Wow! His spelling is really really good for his age!!
                          March 14 at 12:53pm · 

                        • Elaine Quah Thanks Sue. Ya I taught him to spell since he was 2 years old coz he could not talk properly then. He can read very well too. Even better than some 6 years old in the kindergarten. lol
                          March 14 at 12:54pm · 

                        • Elaine Quah Thanks for liking this Raymond :)
                          March 14 at 12:59pm · 

                        • Raymond Chia Clever boy, praise God :)
                          March 14 at 1:00pm · 

                        • Elaine Quah Thanks Raymond :)
                          March 14 at 1:07pm · 

                        • Elaine Quah Thanks Mee Mee :)
                          March 14 at 3:00pm · 

                        • Elaine Quah Thanks Eva :)
                          March 14 at 7:02pm · 

                        • Elaine Quah Thanks Hsiao Ley and Janet :)
                          March 15 at 9:42am · 

                        • Michelle Ho Chui Yean Oh my goodness, that was Brian typing??? Amazing!
                          March 16 at 5:23pm · 

                        • Elaine Quah lol ya Michelle, he can type very well on the computer :) Thanks!
                          March 16 at 5:58pm · 

                          Brian is getting vain :) lol Today he commented that he is a handsome boy. He also again wore his cap in a cute way and said, " Look, see, I so cute!" lol My vain little handsome cute boy :) lol
                          March 13 at 2:22pm ·  · 

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                            • Elaine Quah Thanks Irene :)
                              March 13 at 2:28pm · 

                            • Elaine Quah Thanks Melissa and Naomi for liking this :)
                              March 13 at 2:39pm · 

                            • Elaine Quah Thanks Selena :)
                              March 13 at 4:47pm · 

                            • Elaine Quah Thanks aunty :)
                              March 13 at 8:15pm · 

                            • Alex Leow Ya lor. Should have put him on Art Linkletter's show "CHILDREN SAYS THE DARNDEST THINGS!" - these show features children making unrehearsed statements. My daughter, many years also said: "Your backside so big; my backside cute cute!"
                              March 13 at 8:51pm · 

                            • Elaine Quah ‎@Alex Leow - haha yes they do say the darndest things. As with my son and your daughter, they usually are telling the truth :) lol :P
                              March 13 at 9:40pm · 

                            • Alex Leow At least he's not making statements bout your butt! :-)
                              March 13 at 10:02pm · 

                            • Elaine Quah Well, he might very well do that one day! lol
                              March 13 at 10:10pm · 

                            • Alex Leow Lemme know. Then we video it and put on Facebook or YouTube! :-D
                              March 14 at 12:41am · 

                            • Elaine Quah haha by the time he says it, too late the video already. Moment already gone. lol
                              March 14 at 12:44am · 

                            • Alex Leow Wanna bet? If he is having fun teasing u about your butt, do you think he will stop? Just get your camera ready and trigger his hot button to do it again. Can one la!
                              March 14 at 12:50am · 

                            • Elaine Quah You think I "siow" ah? If he says that, do I want to video and post it in here for everyone to know? :P lol I know my butt big but not an info I am willing to admit :P
                              March 14 at 12:52am · 

                            • Ming Mingster Squats. With weights. Works wonders!
                              March 14 at 1:01am · 

                            • Alex Leow Laugh at yourself once in a while la! It's de-stressing.
                              March 14 at 1:08am ·  ·  1 person

                            • Elaine Quah ‎@Ming Mingster lol I know :) I am using an exercising ball :)
                              @Alex Leow I do but still not willing to admit it to everyone if Brian were to say that :P lol

                              March 14 at 1:10am · 

                            • Ming Mingster Elaine, whilst an exercise ball has its benefits, it's not quite the same as doing squats with weights. Are you placing the ball between your back and the wall, and doing squats with it?
                              March 14 at 1:12am · 

                            • Elaine Quah nope, just bouncing on it :P lol I very lazy to exercise one. lol
                              March 14 at 1:14am · 

                            • Alex Leow ‎@Elaine: You just admitted already.

                              @Ming: You are telling me. I have the balls since I dunno when and the butt is still just as big! ;-)

                              March 14 at 1:18am · 

                            • Elaine Quah Brian has not said it so how can I admit it? :P :P :P
                              March 14 at 1:19am · 

                            • Alex Leow ‎@Elaine Brian doesn't have to start for you to admit you have a big butt! Ha ha ha!
                              March 14 at 1:21am · 

                            • Elaine Quah Not as big as yours Alex!!! hahaha good night :P
                              March 14 at 1:21am ·  ·  1 person

                            • Ming Mingster Elaine, bouncing on the ball won't do any good for any part of your body lah. Adui. Alex, very funny :p
                              March 14 at 1:22am · 

                            • Elaine Quah When I bought the ball, the person said bouncing on it also helps. I've not even viewed the free exercising video that came with it! LOL :P
                              March 14 at 1:23am · 

                            • Alex Leow Tolja! Incorrigible!

                              @Elaine: Wanna compare?

                              March 14 at 1:24am · 

                            • Elaine Quah ‎@Alex no need to compare lah. You win!!! lol :P Good night! Need to go sleep now ZZZZZ
                              March 14 at 1:25am · 

                            • Ming Mingster Elaine, the person has done a disservice and given you misinformation lah. Squats, babe!
                              March 14 at 1:25am · 

                            • Elaine Quah ok Ming. Will try to do them. lol good night!
                              March 14 at 1:25am · 

                            • Ming Mingster okies. if you wanna come for free trial at Celeb, I can get you in. (no referral commission or $, just recommending a friend) ;-) nites!
                              March 14 at 1:26am · 

                            • Elaine Quah Thanks for the offer Ming :)
                              March 14 at 11:00am · 

                            • Ming Mingster Anytime :)
                              March 14 at 11:56am · 

                              This morning when Brian woke up, he commented, "Mummy, why your long hair so long?" lol :)
                              March 12 at 8:51am ·  · 

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                                • Elaine Quah Then he said, "Must go cut short. Nice to go swimming" I've no idea what made him said that! lol
                                  March 12 at 8:52am · 

                                • Elaine Quah Thanks Aldy.
                                  March 12 at 10:11am · 

                                • Elaine Quah Thanks Hsiao Ley :)
                                  March 13 at 2:22pm · 

                                • Alex Leow Can always tell him: 'so I can keep my wars warm!'
                                  March 13 at 10:05pm · 

                                • Elaine Quah wars??
                                  March 13 at 10:09pm · 

                                • Alex Leow Whoops! *ears*
                                  March 13 at 10:10pm · 

                                • Elaine Quah haha I thought what NEW body part are you referring to :P lol
                                  March 13 at 10:12pm · 

                                • Alex Leow What other body parts does the hair cover, huh? Top hair, I mean ah!
                                  March 13 at 10:14pm · 

                                • Elaine Quah I knew you were referring to ears lah :P
                                  March 13 at 10:18pm · 

                                • Alex Leow Ya lor. Did you not notice you legs were a bit longer?
                                  March 14 at 1:54am · 

                                • Elaine Quah ‎????
                                  March 14 at 11:38am · 

                                • Alex Leow Pulling your legs la. Why so slow one? :-)
                                  March 14 at 11:44am · 

                                • Alex Leow Pulling your legs la. Why so slow one? :-)
                                  March 14 at 11:44am · 

                                • Elaine Quah I know lah :P
                                  March 14 at 11:44am ·  ·  1 person

                                • Alex Leow U type ???? mah. So I have to assume u dunno lor.
                                  March 14 at 4:52pm · 

                                  During our ride to Brian's kindergarten this morning, I taught him the song "I worship you Almighty God" He loved it and I saw him lifting his hands worshiping God as he sang the song :)

                                  I worship You, Almighty God There is none like You I worship You, O Prince of Peace That is what I want to do I give You praise For You are my righteousness I worship You, Almighty God There is none like You There is none like You There is none like You

                                  March 11 at 1:52pm ·  ·  · Share

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                                    • Elaine Quah Thanks Yen :)
                                      March 11 at 2:00pm · 

                                    • Sue Shiew ‎:) yesterday I was in the car with Adam and we had a CD on by Steve Green. During one of the songs, Adam's eyes was filled with tears coz his heart was touched by the song.
                                      March 11 at 2:36pm · 

                                    • Elaine Quah Awww, thanks for sharing that Sue :) It's amazing how our kids are so in touch with their feelings :)
                                      March 11 at 2:44pm · 

                                    • Min Yap This is your favourite song :-)
                                      It's a very very nice song.

                                      March 11 at 6:09pm · 

                                    • Elaine Quah It's one of the songs I like but not my fav :) Ya it's a very nice song :)
                                      March 11 at 6:44pm · 

                                    • Lim Siew Ling Brian is so cute. Get him to sing a song for this year's J & J concert :)
                                      March 11 at 7:26pm · 

                                    • Elaine Quah lol Don't know if he'll perform in front of everyone or not :P lol
                                      March 11 at 7:28pm · 

                                    • Elaine Quah Thanks for liking this Mandy :)
                                      March 11 at 8:49pm · 

                                    • Elaine Quah Thanks for liking this HC :)
                                      March 12 at 1:16am · 

                                    • Elaine Quah Thanks Hsian Ley :)
                                      March 12 at 11:21am · 

                                    • Elaine Quah Thanks Alex :)
                                      March 13 at 8:47pm · 

                                    • Elaine Quah Thanks Vincent
                                      March 13 at 9:46pm · 

                                      WOW, Brian went shopping and got a new paint set! He is happily painting with my mom now. Can't wait to see his masterpieces :)
                                      March 10 at 2:05pm ·  · 

                                      • You, Hew Fee VoonJill Mah and 2 others like this.

                                        • Elaine Quah He managed to do 2 pieces and well, it's good enough for his age :)
                                          March 10 at 10:20pm · 

                                        • Elaine Quah Thanks for liking this guys :) Brian has since worked on another 2 masterpieces. He has so far done a total of 4 paintings :) lol
                                          March 13 at 2:24pm ·