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Monday, December 13, 2010

It has been too long

It has been too long since I last blog here. I apologize for that. Many things have happened since the last time I blogged. My little Bri Bri is not little anymore. He will be 4 years old in March 2011. He can speak quite well now and read and spell even better. He can spell long words like "Hippopotamus", "Caterpillar", "Kangaroo", "Elephant" plus many other animals and items. He sometimes can read the words that we did not teach him as well. I noticed that he can spell and read better than a lot of 5 year olds in his kindergarten. My Brian is indeed a clever boy :)

He has started kindergarten but only twice a week since last July. He will be going to J&J Kindergarten full time starting January. He is independent now and I can leave him alone in class and he does not stick like glue to me anymore. He still goes for Music class in Opus Academy and he has an extra music class taught by a friend of mine.

I myself have been busy starting a new business. I am an entrepreneur now. Imagine that! :) lol. I started my own Internet Marketing Business online about 3 months ago. My main website is called Check it out! :) I have named my company “Bright Glory” because “Bright” is the meaning of my name, Elaine. “Glory” is because I want to give all glory to my dear Lord Jesus Christ for my business. My website is mainly about creating easy home based business opportunity for other people. I also sell some lifestyle products in there.

There is a lot of things to learn and do for this new business and I have been really busy learning the ropes from my gurus. It has opened my mind to a whole new perspective of what we can do on the internet. Amazing!

We will be going to Singapore this coming Wednesday and will be back just in time to celebrate Christmas.

On the 23rd December is Michael's birthday. We will be going to the grave to visit him that day. I think Brian understands better now where his daddy is. I keep telling him that daddy is in heaven with God :) Indeed Michael is rejoicing in heaven with God now and one day we will get to meet him again :)

I've attached some recent photos of Brian. He has grown a lot hasn't he? To me, he seems to get more handsome as he grows bigger :) Yes, I am really proud of my little boy in every aspect. He will always be my little darling sweetheart no matter how big he gets :)

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